Primark Micellar Water Review

So this is a mad one, a £2 cleansing water from Primark? Not gonna lie, I didn’t have high hopes for this, it’s a huge 430ml bottle, the same size in another leading high street brand would set you back three times the price.


So whats the skinny? The labelling on the bottle doesn’t make any bold claims, or any claims actually. The label just states, it is suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested.

The scent (apparently) is Rose & Vitamin E, but to me it is almost sickly sweet, and not floral sweet like you would expect from a rose scented product.

It worked for me, the same way as similar products do. I used the same amount of cotton pads as if I had used the Garnier water. It felt nice and soft on the skin, it definitely felt a lot cleaner, but I felt it left behind a residue which made me need to splash my face.

In short, it does the job. Nothing more and nothing less, if you (like me) usually wash your face after wiping your make up off, it will suit you well. Good for the price!





5 thoughts on “Primark Micellar Water Review”

    1. Thank you! Yes they’ve branched into beauty, this was the first item I’ve tried. I’m really happy you commented, this is my first “micro blog” or “mini” post and I wasn’t sure about how well it would be received! X x X

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