Sunkissed Primer & Tan Review

Scouse girls honour to be fake tanned to the heavens at all times (except during midweek prep and prime when we MUST HIBERNATE). 

Bloggers honour to review everything they ever try for the first time in depth. So here goes – Sunkissed Primer/Remover and self tan mousse. Don’t @ me, of course I bought it in dark.

The multi use exfoliant retails for £2.99 in Superdrug. You can use this pre tan to prepare the skin, or when your tan is 4 days in and you resemble a Python during a shed. It smells delicious just like the tan (a holiday style coconutty scent).

Before Prime (removing tan)

After Prime

There is a definite difference but it hasn’t cleared it completely, next time I’ll try it with an exfoliating mitt as recommended on the bottle. For me, I prefer a bigger grittier formula, this one has tiny exfoliating particles, I prefer a bit of rough, ya get me?

The tan smells, amazing. It applies really smoothly and has an even distribution of colour. The mousse is nice and its pleasant to use, what can I say, for £3.99 for 300ml you couldn’t ask for more.

Before Tan (itty bitty titty committee ahead)

How white am I? I put in an effort to get my natural skin colour up, I didn’t wear tan for 10 days, that my friends is called commitment to the cause.

After Tan (more itty bitty titty coming up).

There is definitely a difference! However, considering I bought the dark bottle, I would have expected a darker finish, you know like a terracotta plant pot colour or something,

It wore off really nicely, and wasn’t as flaky or patchy as other tans I’ve used. I’m not sure I would say it is my new go to tan, but I’ll certainly be using the bottle up. I think it’s an ideal transitional summer-autumn colour, not too intense but enough to make sure I don’t look like I’ve got ready for Halloween too early.






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