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5 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Much to everyones surprise, most of all mine, these nails haven’t all turned out completely looking like a toddlers home-made gift. Except for “the bauble” you’d think that would have been the easy one!

Don’t be deterred, I done all 5 designs in under an hour, and I’d much prefer to do just one or two on both hands as an accent finger (the tree is my favourite!).


What you’ll need: a nail file, clear, white, red, orange, green, black, glittery red and any choice of glitter polishes. Some loose chunky glitter, tape, cotton wool, nail polish remover, somewhere to “drop” some polish (I used tin foil) and a dotting tool. I got mine off eBay but a bent bobby pin works just as well (using the plastic ball end). Depending on the design you choose will depend on the colours you need so not all are necessary.

Lets go! I’ll try and be as detailed include images where possible – have fun!

Paint a red base for a bauble, a white base for a snowman, and a black half moon shape for the reindeer outline. Put tape in triangular shapes on the nails you want a santa hat or a tree, paint red in the triangle for the hat or green for the tree.


Next for your bauble you’ll want to create a big white dot in the middle of the nail, and a big white dot at the base of the black soon to be Rudolph nail to create the base for glitter to pop on. Peel the tape off the red nail and add a white stripe along the tip, similar to a french manicure technique. Use the same technique to put a red stripe on your snowman (he needs a scarf duh!)

Go back to your santa hat and use a dotter to create pom pom shapes along the line of the rim of the hat, of course add a pom pom on the peak and it’s done! Dot glitter over your white bauble base, and add a stripe going upwards for the string.

Create reindeer antlers by lightly drawing squiggles (technical term) going upwards, don’t forget Rudolphs red nose! You can dot red glitter over the white and Rudie is ready to rock. Give your snowman black eyes, a coal smile, and a thin orange stripe for a carrot nose. I added green stripes to his scarf because Y NOT.


The tree was my favourite and easiest to create! Peel the tape off leaving a green triangle, paint a clear top coat and lightly place pieces of glitter on the tree to create lights. Don’t forget to use a bigger piece for the star on top.

When all your designs are dry, add a clear top coat, You have to do this when they’re really dry or you’ll smudge the designs. Once your top coat is dry, tidy up any smudges on the skin using nail polish remover, and you’ll be good to go! I think for Christmas day I’ll definitely be recreating one or two designs, which ones would you choose?





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