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DOGMAS – Doggy Christmas Must – Haves!

The dogs in our family don’t get left out of anything. When it comes to the holidays, Christmases, birthdays, Halloween you name it the dogs are getting INVOLVED.

First up for Christmas, we’ve got stockings. These ones technically are for cats because they’ve got dangly fish on that say “meow”, but the dogs don’t judge, and anyway they love fish too. I can’t even remember where these are from!

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a dog unwrap a present. We always wrap them with not too much tape because it’s a game not a puzzle! I picked up this stocking from Home & Bargain, the mince pies are from B&M.

THE BEST BIT. Dressing up your pets is so much fun! I swear mine actually like it, and not going to lie I LOVE IT. If you don’t want to get too invested in the situation, buy bandanas (or baby bibs, no I’m not messing).

Of course, we go the whole hog. This year, it’s with these brilliant pyjamas from B&M. I can’t believe these cute little onesies are just £3.99!

Do the pets in your family get to celebrate with you? Let me know what your traditions are!





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