Freshly Baked Tropical Trio Tan Review

Scouse Birds Honour ™ to be tantastic at all times! I love my false tans, I’ve reviewed a tonne over time for my blog, so when Superdrug offered me the chance to receive these bad boys for review, I jumped at the chance! This post is not sponsored.

Freshly Baked Tropical Trio Tan Review

“Freshly Baked London® tanning mousse contains a blend of natural and organic active ingredients which develop into a flawless tan that smells delicious. The luxurious mousse has an instant bronze guide colour which when developed will wash off to reveal a golden glow that does not dry the skin or go streaky. UK manufactured to ensure high standards this formula contains no parabens and is never tested on animals. The inclusion of Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts soothes and rejuvenates the skin, whilst the enriched vitamins A & E simultaneously care, condition and refresh securing an impeccable finish.”

Freshly Baked Tropical Trio Tan Review

I had heard about Freshly Baked London before, but because of the (in my opinion) quite high price of the tan, it wasn’t one I wanted to reach for. At around £14 for 200ml, I expected good things from this tan! What matters to me is the smell, the transfer to the bed sheets, loss of guide colour in the shower, and how does it build and wear?

Well, the smell test did not disappoint, the coconut, watermelon and mango tans smell amazing! I am eager to try their other scents – baby powder (or ameretto!) anyone? Even after application and wearing for a while this tan didn’t start to smell funky like some tans do! I found too that it didn’t transfer terribly to my pyjamas or bed sheets which is always nice because who wants to be stripping and changing their bed when their glow is on fleek, places to go people to see yano!

My only problem with this tan is I felt quite a lot of the guide colour washed off, which is always sad! Me: waves bye bye to the tan trickling down the drain. However it did leave behind a really lovely natural looking tan, because it goes on dark you can see where you are applying it, so it washed off streak free and fabulous! I get about 4 days wear from this tan, on day 5 it started to look a bit patchy, it does however come off quite easily (well you’ve got to scrub but not half as hard as getting some tans off where you need 9 mits and a sandblaster). If you do two coats, one day apart, the colour builds really nicely, ideal if you want a really deep long lasting colour, some tans just aren’t buildable but this definitely is.





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