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Festive Furry Friends with Wilko

 I absolutely adore Christmas, and I just worship dogs, so come this time of year, you better believe I’m not excluding the four legged furry family members from the festivities.

Dogs can be messy fickle little friends though can’t they? If you’re a dog owner you’ll know what I mean, how many toys have your fur babies had that have burst at the seams? I bet you constantly are changing blankets and beds too!

For this reason, I always buy budget bits for the waggy ones, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing  quality. Wilko always has my back when it comes to pet supplies – and they don’t disappoint when it comes to seasonal gifts for the animals in our lives.

I know they’ve got fur coats, but I think at this time of year, we all need a bit of help getting cosy. For our fur babies I picked up the gorgeous tartan blanket, one side is the seasonal print and the other side is pure fluff! Don’t forget a Christmas stocking for your furry friend either, I chose this one thats ready stocked with a toy and some treats.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t just buy one present! I had to pick up another toy too, I love the smiley face on this festive gingerbread man. His texture is tough and strong too, so it will be sure to stand the inevitable ragging about by a playful pooch.

Now don’t @ me, I’m one of those dog mums. That’s right, outfits all round for our family pets, if clothes are good enough for Bruiser Woods, they’re good enough for my pups too.

But first, let me take an elfie….

Shop the Wilko Christmas pets range

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