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About Amy (part 1)

I have blogged for quite a few years, I covered all kinds of content, never really discovering my “niche” (hate that word!).

I think now, I may have found it though, by accident I guess.

Because I wanted a part of my life that was just about Amy as a person. not the sick side of me, I was never open online about my health conditions. I wanted a place to escape the illness that plagues me.

Recently, for me I have gotten really sick, really quick, as if I wasn’t sick enough already. After being hit with yet again more bad news from the hospital, littered with a smattering of we don’t know the cause, the cure, the treatment, all the things you’d want to know, I decided to take my health in to my own hands to see if I could feel any better than the surgery and drugs of modern medicine were making me feel.

I am not ashamed to admit, you can look through previous blogs I published as Swish My Swag, where I joke about diets – I love food, I loved junk food, so in comparison to what I have to say now it’s a definite contradiction.

There has been so many times that I’ve read health blogs and rolled my eyes at the writer claiming another far fetched benefit of a rabbit food diet plan, with unbelievable results. Following my dose of bad news in March, I decided to take a leap of faith, and see if any of the claims of a diet overhaul could really benefit me in the way others claimed it could

I was expecting not to tolerate the changes I was implementing at all, to feel worse for changing my diet never mind better, to give it up after a couple of weeks if that. But, I didn’t. I am 6 weeks in to a diet which is now so much more than that.

I didn’t believe for a minute that a diet could change my life. I was right about that, it has far and beyond exceeded anything I ever believed to be possible, even from professional medical help, let alone just changing what I eat!

It has set me on the road to a whole new lifestyle, so from now on I’d like you to join me on my journey to discovering a life free of toxins.

I’ll be posting soon, a more in depth explanation of what makes me sick, what exactly I am doing, and just how things have changed for me. Ongoing content is likely to be food and cosmetic based blogs, cosmetics are a huge part of my life so I really want to find the best of the best toxic free goodies!

Amy x (published spring 2019)



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