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Reduce or Remove Toxins and Chemicals From Your Body

Following on from my last post about why it’s important to reduce your absorption and intake of toxins and chemicals, I thought I would show you some techniques that can help you reduce your intake or remove existing toxins in your body, Hopefully you can do either one or several of these things to help you along.. If you didn’t read why you should reduce your toxins in take, see here.

As with all tips I give, I absolutely stand by supporting people doing as much as they can, as best as they can – that is enough! Don’t ever feel shamed in to doing or being more just because a tips blog tells you what to do – this is purely just ideas for you to take from it what you wish.

Reduce or Remove Toxins and Chemicals From Your Body


First the worst – tongue scraping! If you don’t do it now you should, overnight the tongue accumulates toxins and bacteria from detoxing during the night. You should preferably do this when you wake up of a morning, ideally performed before eating or drinking, so you don’t re-ingest the gunk that’s accrued overnight. You can use a spoon, purchase a plastic (I know!) one for about 50p in Home & Bargains, or a long-lasting metal ones are available on Amazon.


I know, heard this before and rolled your eyes! I am not saying completely forgo your morning brew, but wake your gut up with lemon water, because it is anti bacterial and aids digestion….


Better digestion = poop! Pooping is so important for detoxing because it’s like our own bin dump system. Lemon water will help with that, but anything that gets your bottom bursting will expel some toxins from your body.


It is not always possible, because wow organic produce is EXPENSIVE. When and where you can, buy organic produce (very affordable organic bits in Aldi often), they do a lovely organic cacao powder for a chocolate fix. If you can’t afford to buy organic fruit and veg, this next tip is for you.


Your kitchens new best friend is apple cider vinegar (organic with the mother is besT). You can drink it, cook with it or wash all the nasty chemicals and wax off your fruit and veg. Add about two tablespoons per cup of water and soak your uncooked fruit or veg in the solution. It’s stinky but rinse your food afterwards and it is fine, for the likes of an apple give it a rub and the wax will slide right off. You can find it in a plastic bottle for £1.50 in Home & Bargains, or buy it in a glass bottle because you’re going to….


Try to reduce your intake of food and drinks from plastic packaging, The turtles and your body will thank you, because your rubbish won’t he around for 1,000 years and you won’t be ingesting carcinogens on a daily basis. Bottles and travel cups in clean sustainable materials are easily found for reasonable prices now.


Switch up your cosmetics and cleaning products. Yep, the research can be monotonous, but it’s worth it, especially for cosmetics. Skin is our biggest organ so of course, whatever we put on it we ingest . I have found so far a false tan that I like, some alternative affordable shampoo, DIY a nice deodorant from Lush, and I have yet to try but will do soon, the affordable eco cleaning range from Wilko.


If you’re not about ready to do the leg work of seeking out alternatives. there’s an app to help you along. Think Dirty is an app you can manually search or scan barcodes of your favourite products and it will tell you on a scale of 1-10 how toxic the item is. It is American, not every product in the world can be on it, but out of the 1.5 million ones that are, you can quickly search for products you own or are considering buying. You cam even submit your own products for request to be rated.


Another eye roller, because it involves *gulp* exercise. Our lymphatic system is like our internal bin, that pushes toxins and waste out of our bodies. It doesn’t have its own organ to push the system to work, the best way to do it is to move about, any movement will do. Other ways to support lymphatic function is dry body brushing to manually stimulate the movement, or intermittent hot and cold showers, that feeling of breathlessness is the system getting to work.


DIY! There are tonnes of recipes online for home made cleaning products, I recently used a concoction I found on Pinterest to use as a drain cleaner, honestly it was the best I had ever used, better than Mr Muscle. You can follow my cleaning board here, and there will soon to be a cosmetics board too, I am venturing in to home made dry shampoo ASAP.




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