89p 99% Natural "Clean" Multipurpose Home Cleaner - The Pink Stuff Review alchemy by amy uk non toxic chemical free

89p 99% Natural “Clean” Non Toxic Multipurpose Home Cleaner – The Pink Stuff Review

I didn’t think I’d ever be posting a picture of my dirty cooker online, but here we are, that’s what’s ahead.

I spotted this little bargain in B&M, I’ve been scouring (lol) all the shops to see which regular shops sell non toxic products, from cosmetics to cleaning.

The Pink Stuff is a tub of paste, claims to be 99% natural ingredients, non toxic and not tested on animals. It can be used for basically all your cleaning needs. Sounds good doesn’t it? Does it work though?

I put it to the test on the dirtiest thing in my home, my cooker, meet the before and after pictures! Also, hyper aware the before pic is blurry but what can I do?

Verdict? Solid 10/10!

It took two goes to get the dirtiest side of the glass clean, but it was really quite easy, not a lot of scrubbing required at all. It isn’t abrasive so wouldn’t damage glass, a little goes a long way too, it isn’t overly perfumed and doesn’t smell like a chemical cleaner either. It gets the job done quickly, isn’t dangerous, can be used on a lot of surfaces and costs less than a pound. I’ll be stocking up!

If you can’t find it in B&M for whatever reason, you can get it here but it is more expensive, still worth the price! (affiliate link)

Amy X






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