Alkalise Your Body Tips | Benefits Include More Energy, Prevent Cancers, Weight Loss and more.

I don’t ever want to come across as a preacher about any diet, some things I have read online, don’t sit well with me when it all sounds too good or too militant I don’t like it. I want to to see the nitty gritty ups and downs true stories of dieting for health, if you do too, that’s what I am aiming to share. I’m talking about ways you can alkalise your body, and explaining what benefits this can have on your overall health, including weight loss, more energy and preventing certain cancers.

 I started eating alkaline because I read that tumours can only survive in an acidic environment, and living with Neurofibromatosis, I needed to stop some tumours growing! I have been eating an alkaline diet for 6 months now, after an awful lot of scepticism about the benefits of this, I realised it’s not just a fad diet, it’s all about health and actually, if I didn’t feel the benefits myself, I’d think they were too good to be true, I can assure you they’re absolutely real. For a full run down about my alkaline journey, check this post out, I was speechless with the speed and intensity that the diet changed my life, I hope that comes across in the post.

Alkalise Your Body Tips | Benefits Include More Energy, Prevent Cancers, Weight Loss and more.

If you’re interested in alkalising your body, I’ve came up with a few tips to help you along. For more details of the benefits of eating alkaline, I would recommend doing your research everywhere, for example checking out Dr Axe’s website where he details the dangers of an acidic body, everything from worse pain, hormone problems and acid reflux can be caused by an acidic body.


Sorry to break it to you, but your morning coffee is doing nothing for your ph balance! Try decaf alternatives, and once you’re over detoxing from caffeine watch out, you won’t even miss the morning espresso!

MOO free

Cows meat, cow juice and anything made with those things are acid forming, try plant based alternatives (the Asda do a gorgeous soy yoghurt, yet to find a plant cheese to rival Cathedral City).

no more FOWL play

I was 30 when I found out that eggs in the shop are not in fact baby chicks. How old were you when you found out chicken is one of the most acid forming foods you can eat? Well, the GM sort off the shelves of Tesco anyway. Cut back, and save the eggs for mischief night, or just leave them to make chicks.

wine not?

Yes, another thing you love is acid forming, Sorry! Good news is, if you really want to drink on an alkaline diet, organic alcohol is your best bet, Liverpool Gin is the best gin ever, and I’ve heard Aldi do a cracking bottle of rosé for fiver. Or stay sober and have a laugh at everyone else’s drunken expense, better than any bender ever,

who ya gonna call? GOATS BUTTER

If you absolutely can’t give up on animal produce, goats dairy is less acid forming than cows dairy. I can’t say I’ve ever tried goats milk, but greek yoghurt, feta, halloumi and goats butter are all quite nice. If you quiver at this bit, then you should really rethink eating any animal produce.

you’re SWEET enough already

Indeed, sugar is shit not fit sorry! Of all the things I have cut out and tasted again, sugar made me the sickest after eating it! I went cold turkey in March, and ate half a cupcake in September, I was sick like the worst hangover ever the next day. Natural sugars are your friend, coconut sugar and agave are tasty AF.

not qWHITE right

White rice (basmati is ok), white pasta and breads are acid forming. Switch it up for the brown wholemeal versions, not bad at all because they will help you poop, and are more filling. Winner winner ??? wholemeal? dinner…..not the same is it :/

pig off

Don’t go telling porkies, just cut back on eating Peppa and the fam, Quorn do an alright facon, the Greggs vegan sausage roll I can’t recommend, I tried it once and it was so dry I could have used it to dry the tears of piglets on their way to the warehouse.



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