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Neurofibromatosis Type 2 – 1 Year Post Brain Surgery, 6 Months Alkaline Plant Based (part 4) (October 2019)

Do you love the title, or do you love the title? It’s like a trick question on a game show or some sort of tongue twister. Here I am again, talking about living with Neurofibromatosis Type 2.

A snippet of what you’re in for, post brain surgery, my brain does a lot of weird shit. I started typing this post, and a memory came to my head. I’m about 8, in a sweet shop that’s selling badges/pins for charity, the charity is being advertised by Gillian Anderson on the box, and the cause is Neurofibromatosis. I was diagnosed at 10 with NF , when at 10 I was convinced we had never heard of this before, because our family couldn’t even pronounce the word, let alone tell anyone what it meant. I have just had to Google Gillian Anderson and NF, to make sure it wasn’t some dream or made up thing, and it isn’t, she works for NF causes. This freaked me out because it’s nothing I’ve ever, ever thought about before, I’ve spent my whole life thinking nobody really knows about NF (because most people don’t), and I have had no reason to know or ever associate NF with Gillian Anderson, so yeh, spooky season has arrived!

Post Op Recovery and Symptoms.

A year on from having a tumour removed from my brain, post surgery side effects linger. SO. MANY BRAIN. FARTS. Though my sight has recovered (and did do quickly post op), I still get some symptoms from the surgery. For example, existing disabilities that I had pre-op, as I was getting sicker, and then being house bound for weeks post op, my muscles wasted and overall I’ve gotten weaker all over, I’m still not at my strongest. I still get some pains around the area where I had the surgery, and I’m awaiting cosmetic surgery to fix some messes caused by the brain op. The biggest difference surgery has made to my brain is problems with my memory, at times I find it really difficult to find the right words to explain what I need to say. I said someone looked “less old” recently, and asked for wholemeal milk when I needed a loaf. It’s a laugh though, if I didn’t laugh I’d cry. Not gonna cry though because, the plant based life is AMAZE.

Alkaline Plant Based 6 Month Update

That’s right, just out here stopping tumours in their tracks. If you read my original post about why I decided to go alkaline plant based, you’ll know I had a rapidly growing tumour that needed treatment. Not any more woooo, just at a loggerheads with the Consultants to tell me exactly how big it is now, as they had no problems telling me in March the size, but now for some reason they do! The positive benefits I experienced with eating alkaline came quickly, and mostly have lasted. In general I do feel overall more well, but I am spooked by the mental health side effects. I can’t quite explain it, but I see and feel so much more than I ever have before, which at times is great, others not so much. This saying captures it perfectly “it is both a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply”. From what I have read, proper nutrition, meditation and other holistic lifestyle changes, can open up our “third eye” the pineal gland. At times, I like it because it’s like a sixth sense, which we all know can sometimes not be all that fun! But my skin is glowing, I have so much new hair growing it spikes up on the top of my head, my energy levels are good and all round, things are just BETTER.

I’m definitely not like my old self though, and I don’t know if that’s surgery, diet or both! I like it though, I am a lot less highly strung and can “let go” quite easily. I’m more laid back in ways, but too gobby in others. Can’t help being a scouse bird though, we’re known for speaking our minds, right? #teamcoleen



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