alchemy by amy uk vegan paraben free cruelty free non toxic clean safe aha charcoal false fake self tan review budget friendly dark

B. Tan Dark False/Self Tan Review (vegan, cruelty, paraben free, low toxin “clean”)

I’m like a broken bastard record, guess what I’ve got for ya!? A review of B. Tan dark (vegan, cruelty, paraben free, low toxin “clean”).

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect blend, am I asking too much to have my tan be – budget friendly, vegan, cruelty free, natural, ultra dark, not smelly, long lasting and the perfect tone?

Probably, but my priorities are definitely about having a naturally derived DHA, and less toxins. If you’re not familiar with why this matters, you can find out here.

B. Tan so far ticks all the boxes in terms of no nasties (they even advertise this on their site, thumbs up some brands aren’t on the ball that this matters to buyers just yet!). Is it the holy grail though?

alchemy by amy uk vegan paraben free cruelty free non toxic clean safe aha charcoal false fake self tan review budget friendly dark

As far as smell goes, it’s super plain, the faintest whiff of coconut. I like this because overly perfumed tans give me a headache, I don’t know what it is about some tans but I swear the scent lasts longer than any high end perfume I’ve ever owned! Also doesn’t smell like biscuits, which is good because I’ve had one rich tea in 7 months (not being dramatic, that’s literally all I’ve had biscuit wise), if I smelt like digestives at any point I’d likely be missing a limb. So there’s that.

The colour goes on really quite dark, which is always a great start. I feel as though the formula is quite dry, when I applied it directly using a mitt, it started to get a bit draggy. So I applied it using a latex glove, then patted it in with the glove, that gave it a much better finish. It dried then really quickly, it wasn’t tacky, sweaty or sticky in the night like most mousse tans I’ve used. I didn’t wake up with a headache, smelling like the McVities factory, or looking like an oompa loompa.

I had a shower and washed it off, unfortunately a lot of the guide colour came away. For me, that is the only downfall of the product is the depth of colour, I prefer a darker tan (this is the dark dark formula). What I was left with though was a really natural, even, cool toned colour, that wasn’t streaky or patchy. The tan fades away really nicely too, which is great because that patchy stage between tanning sessions is not a good look on me. It wore off really evenly, but not too quickly just a really good gradual fade.

I kinda love it! Price wise I found this in a weird little beauty shop for £5.99 so a super reasonable price. I haver had a look online, this particular tan doesn’t seem to be stocked any more, but I’ll link some of the other tans on offer from this brand below.

Shop Tan

More Tan!

Even More





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