alchemy by amy uk Skinshop KALME cruelty free, clean, natural, paraben free, SLS free MI free, anti redness concealer beauty makeup cosmetics

*gifted* Skinshop KALME cruelty free, clean, natural, paraben, SLS and MI free, anti redness concealer.

That is one hell of a title I know! But I have to get all the important info out there so it can be found! I was recently gifted this anti redness concealer KALME by Skin Shop, a cruelty free, natural British company, who create cosmetics with kindness to skin forgoing any nasty chemicals to protect our outer and inner beauty. It’s clean, natural and free from parabens and other nasties.

So, what do I think?

alchemy by amy uk Skinshop KALME cruelty free, clean, natural, paraben free, SLS free MI free, anti redness concealer beauty makeup cosmetics

The Brand

I love the ethos of the brand, that is always such an important start for me when picking a new product. Skin Shop aim to provide effective solutions to problem skin, without the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals, they work with nature to formulate blends that are kind to nature and to our bodies. If you’re not entirely sure why it is important to move away from chemical heavy cosmetics, I break it down here.

My Needs

Though my skin now is the best it’s ever been since changing my diet, I do still suffer some redness and blotchy marks, particularly on and around my nose (I do believe this is related to hormones). A green based skin tint is ideal for disguising the redness, “KALME Chameleon Concealer SPF20 is a velvety and luxurious concealer with advanced tone-matching technology and airbrush-effect particles for correcting and concealing red and uneven complexions for a flawless finish.”

The Product

This product is SPF20, anti redness, moisturising & repairing to capillary leakage (pesky red lines that look broken /bloody) that adapts to skin colour once it’s blended.

I found this product to overall be really quite lovely! It is not fragranced which I prefer because heavily fragranced products (as well as usually being full of crap!), give me a headache. I really enjoyed the thin, fluid texture of this concealer, in comparison to a doe  foot applicator type liquid concealer, or a cream concealer, this is really light. That however did result in a lighter coverage, for me I much prefer that, as I can use this product on a no makeup day, or as a base to a preferred foundation. I found that using this concealer with a small, dense brush (I used this one), using gentle buffing motions, ensured that the green colour corrector dissipated to a flesh colour. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, surprisingly for such a light weightless finish, the colour correction worked really well and totally blurred my imperfections as promised. I am quite fortunate not to have any raised/textured blemishes so cannot say how it would cover those, but for me, I couldn’t fault this product.

Amy x