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Neurofibromatosis Type 2 | What’s Next For Me In 2020 (part 5) (early 2020)

I enjoy reading peoples posts about their intentions for the year ahead, or goals and milestones reached the year before, yet I sit down to write mine and I feel like *hair flips* soooo busy and important EVERYBODY LOVES ME. Be sure to tell me in the comments what you’d like for 2020.

I couldn’t think of a relevant image for this post, but I knew I wanted it to symbolise a fresh start, so that’s what I searched for in Unsplash. I knew this image would be perfect for a post setting my intentions, as for all my life four leaf clovers have been a symbol of luck to me, At the age of 10, I found 16 in a six week period, I’d literally fall over and land on one or two! At the end of the six weeks, I was diagnosed with my first tumour, I definitely have a lucky leprechaun in my life,

Following on from last year, (you can read more about my alkaline journey and my battle with Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) here). I really want to keep up my way of life,  I didn’t think it could affect me so positively the way that it did. I want to truly spread the word to people about the benefits of eating plant based. I’ve turned into one of “those” preachery types,  but I don’t want to be unrealistic in how it really is. Some people who follow this diet think it’s easy, all sun and roses and bananas, but at times it can be rough. I want to remain true, telling everyone the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I’m going to keep using my Gratitude App (hopefully daily!), I have found this so easy to use, and it’s like a little memory box of happy thoughts at the tap of a screen. I love how good it makes me feel to see what little or large things make myself, and others happy and grateful. Sends a good message to the Universe too, to Law Of Attraction beautiful things to yourself.

Beauty lovers of the world unite! Any clean beauty recommendations are so very welcome, I need to build up a staple makeup bag of clean beauty products ASAP. I cut out regular makeup, due to the toxins in it, and I have worn so little for so long I need a new kit so I can go full glam (to go the Asda). That being said, I got THE BEST BROW PRODUCTS EVER for Christmas, look out for an upcoming review.

Some more posts to look forward to from me in 2020, are recipes, a vegan cookbook review, sustainable cotton pads review, two false tans for review, and I am not sure what else!

I want to write freelance, I want to (but also don’t because FU algorithm!) grow my Instagram followers and exceed 1,000 followers by the end of the year. I’d love to do sponsored brand collaborations, and help people out in many ways – just by being kind, sharing opportunities, telling my story, listening to them and being more caring in general.

What are you goals, dreams and wishes for 2020?

Amy x (published early 2020)



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