alchemy by amy uk coronavirus wellness tips mental physical health keeping occupied and sane during lockdown social isolation social distancing home work happiness mental health

Keeping Occupied, sane and Healthy During the Coronavirus Lockdown (Mental and Physical Health)

Hi, how are ya? Just your friendly neighbourhood scouse pal here to share what I’m doing to stop myself spending the day eating every last toilet roll I’ve panic bought (87 to be precise) during lockdown because of THE MEGA FLU (covid -19 (why 19 it started in 2020 didn’t it?)). This is coming from someone who really struggles to stay inside, or be alone – I go really down and become a bit of a twat. There’s no affiliate links or sales here at all, just a good old bit of advice. So, keep occupied, sane and healthy during the crisis.

As always, this advice doesn’t work for everyone, but some of it may work for you, this is a judgement free, inclusive space – DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, AS BEST AS YOU CAN, THAT IS ENOUGH.

alchemy by amy uk coronavirus wellness tips mental physical health keeping occupied and sane during lockdown social isolation social distancing home work happiness mental health

get up

now I LOVE a good bed day, but if I am staying in bed all day, I have to do this first. Get up, open a window, plump the pillows, freshen up my bed and myself do any non negotiable tasks (feed your cats, or kids if ya like). Always feel a million times better doing that rather than lying in last nights sweat for a day.


just kidding! What I mean is make everything an occasion. Instead of rolling your eyes at the clock because it isn’t bed time yet, this makes things better. Examples, close the blinds, turn off the lights and get snacks to watch a film, candles, closed blinds, a book or a podcast set up a great bath, for dinner if possible eat at the table, if you’re a sofa surfer, be sure to line up your favourite show to watch, or insist your family are all present with no distractions (you might even like each other).

dress up

I mean, not ball gown and heels (unless you really want to go on hun!), but little things. I always iron my pyjamas, it just makes me feel a smidgeon better. For you your carry yourself better thing might be perfume, power brows, a full face of make up or a pair of heels. Put something on or do something for yourself that makes you stand a little taller more like your kick ass self.


agendas are great even when we’re not in a meltdown! Make a list of tasks to do in a day, every last one including t.v time, food breaks, and getting ready. Pick a time for each task with a time limit to complete it, and do it with as little distraction as is possible for you. Believe me, this will make you feel like you’ve got your shit together soooooo hard, you’ll carry it on when the lockdown is over.


vom. I know, it’s not fun but a tidy fresh living space is scientifically proven to make your mind feel tidy and fresh, so keep things at a nice level – lived in and homely but not trashy. I’ve been adding in to my agenda one “big” cleaning job per day, the kind of job you only do once a month or every few weeks. It will keep you occupied and satisfied.


be at one with the outdoors. Being on lock down doesn’t mean locked in! Where possible and away from people, go outside your front or back door and just take a few deep breaths, really deep! If it’s sunny, stand in the warmth of the sun for a while, vitamin D is a great mood booster, As is stepping outside barefoot, this is called grounding or earthing, you can reconnect to the earths energy this way. If you don’t believe in that, it at least gives you a childlike sense of playfulness and an excuse to have a nice foot spa – killing more time and having more fun!


spend a set amount of time per day on work, a creative hobby you enjoy or a housework job you’ve been putting off since 1992. Having a sense of purpose and feeling like you’re actually “doing something” does wonders for your mental health, it will make you appreciate flopping on the sofa for another rewatch of some shit show too. Also, once you’ve sorted your wardrobe you’ll have a shit tonne of space to fill it with new things in the inevitable post Corona sales, and a bag of goodies to cheer up the charity shops too!


I found myself on Pinterest one day, looking for yoga poses I can manage with my disability. Surprisingly, I found enough for a small routine which I can do now daily, I feel like I’m actually doing something beneficial for my life when I do just 10 minutes of stretches and a few wall sits. I bet somewhere on the internet there’s something you can find that you can manage! It will keep you occupied for a little while, stop you getting bed sores on your ass and  “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands,”


at a safe distance I mean! Ways you can do this include, all the obvious phone ones or using “Netflix and Party” – a feature where you can watch film or show with your loved ones and stay in touch during it, pausing at the same time as each other. If you like to play games and talk to new people, websites and apps exist for that, or go wild and play Connect 4 with someone on Twitter (harder than it sounds!).

think happy

when all else fails, think a happy thought, even if it’s from a time decades ago. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between emotional reality and an emotional memory so you’ll feel the happy hormones inside! Even write them down, even if it’s one a day you can go back and add to the list, or enjoy them again and again.

Amy x





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