alchemy by amy uk organic vegan cruelty free vegan Our Remedy CBD oil for period pain anxiety menstrual care mental wellness

AD – Our Remedy CBD Review for Period Symptoms

I’ve used CBD on and off for a couple of years now. Initially I started using it as I (unknowingly) was growing a brain tumour. It helped me an unbelievable amount during that time, in combination with other over the counter medication. I haven’t used it in a while and didn’t think ever about how it can help alleviate symptoms associated with having a period. Until I got chatting to Rachel from Our Remedy, Rachel kindly sent over a bottle of CBD oil for me to review, so let’s do it!

alchemy by amy uk organic vegan cruelty free vegan Our Remedy CBD oil for period pain anxiety menstrual care mental wellness

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, it is a chemical that is sourced from Cannabis. If you’re not a friend of Mary Jane, this can sound a little scary – BUT – CBD doesn’t get you high. If you’re familiar with taking cannabis, you’ll know you can experience a whole manner of sensations, mostly being spaced, relaxed and pain free. CBD has been sourced from the cannabis plant to provide the benefits associated with cannabis, without making you feel out of control. Two of the most popular reasons CBD is used is to alleviate pain, and reduce anxiety – all women know, that is a huge problem with having periods, right?

About Our Remedy

“OurRemedy is a CBD brand with a difference. Led by women, for women who need something natural. Our Remedy is an organic, vegan oil made with sustainable materials. For every full price sale, we donate compostable sanitary products to a Bloody Good Period – the leading Period Poverty charity.” Who doesn’t want to shop with a brand with such an amazing ethos!? Not going to lie, the website and socials that Rachel has created for Our Remedy, is absolute branding GOALS. Our Remedy CBD isn’t just a product, it’s a community or a network, you’ll find on the website and Instagram a whole host of period related content, chock full of advice and just a really nice space to be.

The Review

I love it! Simples. As far as CBD oils go, they’re often unpleasant to take, they taste really earthy and gross, and kind of leave a weird kick in your throat. Our Remedy is not like that at all, it is blended with clary sage and peppermint oil, so it is super pleasant to take. For optimum results during your period, you can take CBD daily the whole month, CBD is 100% safe, you cant overdose and you cant get high, unlike cannabis or prescription painkillers. For me, the most difficult thing to mange during my period is my mood and anxiety, I sleep poorly for at least a week with terrible nightmares, this leaves me extra ratty all day. Personally, Our Remedy worked best for the mental health side of my menstrual symptoms by helping buy anxiety during the day, and the restlessness and edginess I feel for days. As for pain, it worked better for me in combination with over the counter Ibuprofen, I did experience much more relief from my pain, than I would usually experience by using either product alone. Thats another benefit of taking CBD, it is not about to interfere with any other medications but I have found it can compliment them. What I really like about Our Remedy CBD is that you don’t experience a “hit” with it, unlike some medications it kicks in and you’re like “woah”, it’;s very subtle and comfortable, but noticeable in a nice way.


Amy x

Our Remedy CBD


Amy X






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