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Festive Furry Friends with Wilko

 I absolutely adore Christmas, and I just worship dogs, so come this time of year, you better believe I'm not excluding the four legged furry family members from the festivities. Dogs can be messy fickle little friends though can't they? If you're a dog owner you'll know what I mean, how many toys have your… Continue reading Festive Furry Friends with Wilko

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DOGMAS – Doggy Christmas Must – Haves!

The dogs in our family don't get left out of anything. When it comes to the holidays, Christmases, birthdays, Halloween you name it the dogs are getting INVOLVED. First up for Christmas, we've got stockings. These ones technically are for cats because they've got dangly fish on that say "meow", but the dogs don't judge,… Continue reading DOGMAS – Doggy Christmas Must – Haves!

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5 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Much to everyones surprise, most of all mine, these nails haven't all turned out completely looking like a toddlers home-made gift. Except for "the bauble" you'd think that would have been the easy one! Don't be deterred, I done all 5 designs in under an hour, and I'd much prefer to do just one or… Continue reading 5 Christmas Nail Art Ideas