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About Amy, Lifestyle

About Amy (part 1)

I have blogged for quite a few years, I covered all kinds of content, never really discovering my "niche" (hate that word!). I think now, I may have found it though, by accident I guess. Because I wanted a part of my life that was just about Amy as a person. not the sick side… Continue reading About Amy (part 1)


5 Things You Need To Know About Amsterdam

Soooo, it was a culture shock visiting Amsterdam, and that's from someone very open minded about the weed and sex trades of the city, it wasn't those things that shocked me I visited for two nights recently, and honestly it was not what I expected. Heres what is good to know, before you go: The… Continue reading 5 Things You Need To Know About Amsterdam


Top Tips For Finding Bargains | Confessions of a Shopaholic

There is literally NOTHING worse, when your fashion fab alarm is ringing, and you can't afford to turn it off. You know what I mean, when you're DESPERATE to shop but are peasant poor but the trends are teasing you. Here, I'll share my best top tips for getting bargains when you just want to shop.


Top Tips For Thrift Shopping | Sustainable Shopping & Slow Fashion With Second Hand Clothes

I wrote this post three years ago! I've came back and tidied it up a little bit. Now, I am trying to shop more sustainable, understanding slow fashion, and looking after the environment. Second hand shopping has always been a favourite hobby of mine, here's how to make the most of shopping second hand.