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AD – Our Remedy CBD Review for Period Symptoms

I've used CBD on and off for a couple of years now. Initially I started using it as I (unknowingly) was growing a brain tumour. It helped me an unbelievable amount during that time, in combination with other over the counter medication. I haven't used it in a while and didn't think ever about how it can help alleviate symptoms associated with having a period. Until I got chatting to Rachel from Our Remedy, Rachel kindly sent over a bottle of CBD oil and some yummy tea bags for me to review, so let's do it!

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Keeping Occupied, sane and Healthy During the Coronavirus Lockdown (Mental and Physical Health)

Hi, how are ya? Just your friendly neighbourhood scouse pal here to share what I'm doing to stop myself spending the day eating every last toilet roll I've panic bought (87 to be precise) during lockdown because of THE MEGA FLU (covid -19 (why 19 it started in 2020 didn't it?)). This is coming from someone who really struggles to stay inside, or be alone - I go really down and become a bit of a twat. There's no affiliate links or sales here at all, just a good old bit of advice. So, keep occupied, sane and healthy during the crisis.