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Neurofibromatosis Type 2 | Changing My Diet (part 3)

If you managed to make it through my previous post (hats off to you its huge), you’ll know in desperation after more bad health news, I decided to see if like some people have claimed, it really is possible to cure your own disease.

Being much more desperate to be well, than I was sceptical of dieting for health, I scoured every last inch of the internet, for science or real life stories of recovery from illness, shrinking tumours, causes of tumours and diseases. I took weeks to find all the things I do now, but as I discovered something new to do, I added that on.

A whole combination of things has helped me get results like those explained here, I will not say it was easy, at times when the toxins are leaving our body, it is not unusual to feel worse before better. If you want to feel better about any aspect of your life, from anxiety to acne and all problems in between, I would so recommend trying as many of these things, to whatever degree you can manage, and watch your life change. If you do what you can, as best as you can that is absolutely amazing.

My first tackle, was sugar – artificial sugars that is, that was absolutely no mean feat for a girl who could eat biscuit after biscuit, ALL OF THE CAKE and everyones chocolate. The second I got my diagnosis in March of yet another tumour, I stopped eating any artificial sugar at all, absolutely cold turkey on tea and biscuits, scouring ingredients list with a screwed up face, the type Nans make when they’ve forgotten their glasses. In the first 2/3 weeks the cravings and temptations were strong, it really was a test of my patience. If you’re wondering why sugar is so bad for someone with tumours, it is proven that tumours react to and thrive on sugar, it is not uncommon for the dyes and drinks given to patients like myself having scans, to contain high levels of sugar, to ensure the tumours are highly visible on the images.

Next, I discovered the relationship between acidic environments and tumour growth, science has shown tumours grow best here, so I delved in to researching that. I purchased Ph litmus strips off Amazon to test my bodys Ph levels, I was dangerously acidic! An acidic body Ph has been linked to a whole host of sickness including headaches and depression, yep I have those too. I quickly discovered you can change your Ph by modifying your diet, so I researched an alkaline diet – surprise! it is restrictive! There is an advocate of the alkaline diet called Dr Sebi, sadly he is (or was, he has passed) more “Dr” Sebi, for that reason I do not follow his alkaline approved plan. I follow science backed alkaline eating, that is no processed foods, no meat, eggs or dairy, but goats dairy is less acidic possibly even alkaline by comparision to cow dairy, I can eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables, with many nuts, seeds and grains. I was vegetarian for almost a year prior to being diagnosed with a brain tumour in September 2019, I converted back to eating meat in the August because I thought that I was sick because of my diet, I gave up meat again in March and found it quite easy. It certainly was not easy to give up fast food, takeaways, crisps, popcorn, cheese and all the other things I loved though! I persevered, going cold turkey on these things too, they were even harder to give up than sugar. I didn’t realise just how lazy (so obvious Amy wake up!) convenience and fast food really is, eating fresh especially at the beginning was difficult, it is like a full time job. I am so lucky to have people around me who cook and clean for me a lot. That being said, now I am starting to feel better and I am discovering new recipes, it is getting easier. It helped that two weeks after cutting it all out, my body Ph was much, much healthier, my skin began to glow and I just began to feel this really unfamiliar pleasant feeling, like I wanted to get up and do shit – 8 weeks later and it just keeps getting BETTER!

I introduced intermittent fasting too, this is making sure to restrict times of eating in order to allow our gut to digest what we have eaten, and then allow it to recover and repair. There are many health benefits to intermittent fasting including, increased energy, better management of insulin and better mental clarity. This is likely caused by a process called “autophagy” which is the process of healing cells, this comes from our gut being allowed to heal and repair during a break from digestion.

I discovered that we ingest lots of toxins that can compromise our health, via our diet and environment, so I am trying to eliminate those too by not ingesting them. I do this by the changes I’ve made in my diet, I always wear gloves to clean, I try not to use air fresheners or use harsh cleaning chemicals. It has been unbelievably hard to reduce my chemical intake from beauty products, which surprisingly (to me anyway!) contain a tonne of substances hazardous to health. Cosmetics have always been a huge part of my life, I have always applied fake tan several times a week, wore perfume daily, makeup on many days, acrylic nails and shellac polish etc, I am on the hunt for chemical free or reduced chemical cosmetics.

To help my body along even further, I also started supporting my lymph fluid, this is our bodys own waste removal system. Our lymph system does not have an organ to move the fluid around, as our heart does to the blood, so we have to stimulate it ourselves to help it expel any toxins we have ingested. I have bought a little trampoline with a handle as bouncing is a great way to move lymph fluid, it can even work if you bounce sitting down. Due to my disabilities exercise is difficult, having the handle to hold on to, and knowing that it can be beneficial to bounce even in a sitting position is great for me to do. Any exercise at all is beneficial to our lymph system, but bouncing you can do less of to get great results! I also do dry body brushing and intermittent hot/cold showers as these support a healthy lymph flow too.

Finally, I take a shed load of vitamins, I drink apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinammon and lemon water daily, I filter my water, meditate to YouTube videos, and I am dipping my toe into spiritual waters with crystals and essential oils. I’m still on a journey I hope you’ll join me!

Good luck on your path to feeling well, talk to me anytime on any socials!

Amy x (published summer 2019)



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