Next Nx Gel Nails, Gel Nail Polish – Review

These polishes were gifted at an event with Next. Here is an honest review of the Next Nx gel polishes.

I love me some fab nails, but home manicures just don’t work out for me really! The polish, no matter the claims made always fail to live up to expectations. From high street, to high end, I end up with more chips in one day that I’d rather pay out for a professional gel polish.

Now, I’m not messing here, these gel polishes are a game changer. I tried them out not expecting anything special, but I was so shocked at the quality I’ve had to blog about the set. I can’t believe a brand that specialises in clothing and homeware can come out with a formula which IMO is better than any polish I’ve ever tried.

Next Nx Gel Nails, Gel Nail Polish - Review

The biggest and best proof is in the pictures,  I’ll share those with a timeline in a minute, I just need to let you know these dry so fast, they’re highly pigmented and have a lovely applicator that makes applying the polish just dreamy.

This is after applying it on Saturday, really pretty, super shiny and neat!

Side by side is Monday and Tuesday, if I hadn’t snapped my ring finger nail these are practically perfect!

This is Thursday and Friday, I took the polish off after Friday as I felt like a change, but unless you put your hands close up for someone to see, I could have easily worn this polish for another couple of days.

“This set will give you high shine nails for up to 6 days with no chips” NEXT.

So it isn’t 100% chip free, it wears so well though it is more than worth the price. What do you think of the polish from what you can see? Is it something you’d want to try?

post is not sponsored, all opinions and images are my own, no affiliate links.



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