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Benefits of Eating Plant Based | What I Love

Before giving up meat, I was sceptical that it would make me feel good, I wasn’t interested in seeing the truth, I hid myself from everything to do with it, I loved food too much, McDonalds and Chinese were my vices. Ignorance is bliss they say! It kind of was but now I feel like I’ve been let into a secret cult that wouldn’t accept me until this year.

So plant based, whats good?

Benefits of Eating Plant Based | What I Love


Shit the bed, nobody could have ever told me and made me believe that I could feel THIS good. I used to roll my eyes at plant based “ambassadors” and be like “bore off, it can’t be that good, no way no how.” But now I am doing it myself, my good feelings (mental and physical!) have far exceeded what I ever expected them to ever be capable of.


The limit does not exist! Volume wise that is. Of course, I am restricted in that I can’t have meat and other things, but eating solely plant based, it’s as though daily I am in competition with myself to see can I out eat yesterdays me. There is no need to count calories or macros, because everything is just pure nutrition, get in my belly!


Not that I ever had a bad case of cheese and onion arm pits, or prawn cocktail knickers, but I smell better. Very little need for deodorant on a “normal” day, I’ll use it when I know I’ll be getting particularly sweaty but there’s no need for regular use now at all. So, no need to get paranoia when you bump in to an old frenemy in town when you go in for the “omg haven’t seen you in so long let’s catch up” one arm hug, you know?


Glow baby glow! I’ll toot my own horn no shame right now, my skin is HUN REAL. Ok, it’s not perfect but I do literally glow from the inside out now. My eyes are whiter, my smile is bigger and I get told so often “you look so well!’. To a spoony like me, that’s my favourite comment ever!


I’ve had better, tastier and more satisfying meals since going plant based than I’ve ever had. You’re forced to be more creative and use a tonne of seasoning and spices, most things I’ve made myself have been so tasty I make it over and over again. A lot of things are really good to batch cook and freeze, ready to grab for convenience such as soups, curries and pasta sauces.

Bonus good thing about eating plant based….. I don’t want this to be about weight loss, but yes I lost a lot, fast. If you wanted to discuss it further let me know but I don’t want to make my lifestyle and blog about that.



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