alchemy by amy uk top 5 things i dislike about being plant based
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Top 5 things I dislike about eating plant based.

TW: poop & weight loss.

My post about the top 5 things I love about being plant based was super well received, so here’s the flip side! If like I was when I started out, you’re curious about the negative side of plant based living, you’ll probably want to know the honesTEA on what’s up with the salad graft!

alchemy by amy uk top 5 things i dislike about being plant based

1 thing I dislike about eating plant based.

Poop. so. much. poop. Word on the plant lined streets is that, you have problems if you’re not dunking out a quarter pounder a day of poop. So just FYI, you’ll probably knock out two Big Macs a day eating plant based, and when it needs to come out, you really best hope you’re near a toilet.

2 things I dislike about eating plant based.

It isn’t cheap really. Not necessarily because fruit and veg is expensive, but you need a lot to make a whole meal, you eat so much more volume wise and frequently because unless you do this, your belly won’t be full! Also, you’ll want to wash your fruit and vegetables too, which means a tonne of water, and though I can easily eat a whole bag of spinach myself in a week, some days I only use say half a pepper for a dish, and I don’t feel like pepper again that week, so the rest goes to waste. My bad!

3 things I dislike about eating plant based.

Like, realising things. Have you ever wondered, what if there’s something we can’t experience because we don’t have the organs for it? You couldn’t see without eyes, or smell without a nose. At times, eating planted based it’s like I’ve developed a new sensory organ, the only way I can explain it is just that I can see and feel more, not like fairies bopping round the garden, or dancing unicorns in the park but also not like “eye sight seeing”. Colours are so much more vivid, there’s so much movement and life. I can feel more energies from people or things going on. The first time I experienced it I panicked, but apparently it’s a spiritual awakening, common in people who eat foods rich in the Earths energy.

4 things I dislike about eating plant based.

You’d make a pyramid scheme Facebook Juice Plus nutritionist so proud with how fast the chub rubs off once you start eating plant based. This is great, if its what you need or want, but as someone who didn’t have too much weight to lose, I dropped a stone and two dress sizes in 6 weeks. I still look really well, and a niceish shape, but I don’t know how to dress my new figure and I need a shit tonne of new clothes to wear! I love shopping though, so great excuse!

5. things I dislike about eating plant based.

I’ve never taken cocaine, or amphetamines or anything that makes you a lively kind of high. Fuck me, I am often bouncing off the walls with energy, to the point where it can be unpleasant. My physical self is disabled, my legs don’t work too good, my balance is bad and more. it’s really weird having a sensation inside like you could take off faster than a Ferarri, even sometimes I feel like that and my brain is tired but something inside me whispers *hoover…again, it’s only the third time…today*

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